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INDEX  ► Communicology

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 Communication Institute for Online Scholarship (CIOS) 


 Communicology – Komunikologia

University of Novi Sad, Serbia


 Dance Notation Bureau


 Exploring Nonverbal Communication

Empirical Semiotic Codes:

Proxemics (Space); Chronemics (Time); Ocularics (Sight); Kinesics (Action/Motion); Haptics (Tactility); Vocalics (Sound); Olfactorics (Smell/Taste).


 Flusser Studies

Multilingual Journal for Culture and Media Theory


 The Focusing Institute

(Devoted to the work of Eugene Gendlin)

• Online Library of Eugene Gendlin ►


 Fundación de la Comunicología


 International Encyclopedia of Communication


 Institute of General Semantics

Founded by Alfred Korzybski in 1938


 The Institute for Intercultural Studies

(Devoted to the work of Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead)


 International Academy for Intercultural Research

(Media Resource:  Videos from YouTube)


 The McLuhan Program in Culture

Toronto, Canada


 Media Ecology Association


 Media Information Laboratory (MIS)


 guCOM  (Grupo Hacia una Comunicología Posible)

[Group Toward a Possible Communicology]

Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México


 Société Francaise des Sciences de L’Information et de la Communication

Paris, France


 Welcome to Communicology

Adelaide University, Australia


 Example Commercial Sites:


• Corporate Communicology Solutions (USA)


• Communicology  [Marketing]   (United Kingdom)

Division of Hope Noble, Ltd.


• Communicology —  Studio Kom For Kommunikologi  (Norway)

Truis Fiener and Jorum Sjøbakken: Skandianavisk Institutt for Kummunikasion og Forandring


• Communicology — Framtidens Team (Sweden)


• Communicology Portal — Kommunikologiportalen (Sweden)


• Felices Communicology & PR   (Spain)


• Therapy Zone: Professional Communication   (USA)

Communicology Associates


• What is a "Sales Communicologist" and Why do You Need One?  (USA)

The Pursuit Group


• Communicology Central  (USA)

"C2  Where Communication is Relativity"




 Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology (CARP)

What is Phenomenology?


 Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center, Duquesne University (USA) 

This web site has almost all of the abstracts of the Psychology Dissertations done at Duquesne University, University of Dallas, and a number from Georgia State University and the Saybrook Institute in San Frncisco, California. The dissertations cover a vast spectrum of topics including hopelessness, forgiveness, depression, infidelity, magic and science, psychotherapy, eating disorders, and many more human science topics.


 Interdisciplinary Coalition of North American Phenomenologists (ICNAP)


 International Human Science Research Conference


 Organization of Phenomenological Organizations (OPO)


 Research Center for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, P. R. China


 The Society for Phenomenology and the Media


 The Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences




 Centre for Cognitive Semiotics

Lund University, Sweden


 Center for Semiotics

Aarhus University, Denmark


 Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms


 Symbol Signs ► Airport Signage

U.S. Department of Transportation and AIGA


 Standard Highway Signage

U.S. Department of Transportation


 International Association for Semiotic Studies


 International Association for Visual Semiotics


 International Institute for Semiotic Studies

Nanjing Normal University, P. R. China


 International Semiotics Institute

University of Helsinki at Imatra, Finland


 Open Semiotics Resource Center

University of Toronto, Canada


 Research Center for Semiotics

Technical University, Berlin, Germany


 Commens Dictionary of Peirce’s Terms


 Semiotics (USA)


 Semiotix: A Global Information Bulletin  (Canada)


 The Semiotic Review of Books  (Canada)


 Example Commercial Sites:


• Marketing Semiotics  (USA)


• Greg Rowl Semiotics  (United Kingdom)