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Bureau of Regional — Continental Coordinators                               




• Jean-Claude Mbarga (Cameroon)


• Keyan Tomaselli (South Africa)



AMERICA (NORTH)           


• Paul Bouissac (Canada)


• Maureen Connolly (Canada)


• Thomas D. Craig (Canada)


 AMERICA (SOUTH)                             


• Fernando Andacht (Uruguay)


• José Enrique Finol (Venezuela)


• William B. Gomes (Brazil)


• Lucia Santaella (Brazil)





• Shushan Cai (P.R. China)


• Ersu Ding (P.R. China)


• Han-liang Chang (Taiwan)


• Du-Won Lee (South Korea)



• Horst Ruthrof (Australia)





• Jeff Bernard (Austria) ✝


• Gloria Withalm (Austria)


• Lennart Nørreklit (Denmark)


• Winfried Nöth (Germany)


• Roland Posner (Germany)


• Zdzisław Wąsik (Poland)


• Traian D. Stanciulescu (Romania)


 MIDDLE EAST                            


• Mehdi Mohsenian-Rad  (Iran)



Bureau Function


 The Bureau is an Executive Committee whose primary function is the administration and development of the ICI. Members of the Bureau are appointed by the ICI Director on the basis of extensive experience with organizational leadership in the development of conferences, research seminars, working groups, and scholarly publications in both electronic and print media. Bureau members are also selected on the basis of world regional geography to assure a diversity of cultural perspectives in the context of globalization and mutual cooperation.


 Bureau Members Advise the Director (1) on organizational matters, (2) suggest appropriate venues for the biennial Summer Seminar and Professional Development Conference, and in off years, (3) appropriate venues at which the ICI can organize program panels within the context of its institution memberships, e.g., a Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, or, a Conference sponsored by the Organization for Phenomenological Organizations. Bureau members also assist the ICI Director (4) in the identification of funding sources and the submission of grant applications for the financial support of the ICI agenda of programs and projects, especially the biennial Seminar and Conference, ICI book publications, and Internet development.