I.C.I. Founded in 2000   


  I.C.I. Founded in 2000   



 The I.C.I. was founded at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, Illinois, USA) on 7 July 2000 as the final action of the Communicology as a Human Science Conference. For a chronology of this and subsequent conferences go to Summer Symposium and Professional Development Conference.


After the initial conference, the members of the I.C.I. created a closed internet site [COW: Conferencing on the Web] for research and dialogue. In 2003, the COW was closed down and the ICI Collegium of Fellows approved the creation of a public access internet site [Communicology.org] to enhance information available about the maturing international discipline of Communicology. Much of the history of the discipline is recorded in the etymology references at Definition: Communicology. The software for the present site was activated in July 2009. 



COMMUNICOLOGY.ORG  ®  is a legally registered name, Certificate No. 2006DBA39 (July 14, 2006), Larry W. Reinhardt, Jackson County Clerk and Recorder, County of Jackson, State of Illinois, USA. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale is located in Jackson County, Illinois, USA.


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   The I.C.I. Executive Office was established in the famous "Capitol Hill" area of downtown Washington, DC, USA in January 2009. Postal Address: Communicology.Org, Capitol Hill Tower, Suite PH06, 1000 New Jersey Avenue, S.E., Washington, DC 20003-3377, U.S.A.