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International Communicology Institute




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Universities with Communiciology Departments


 University of Hawaii, Minoa, USA

Department of Communicology   (BA, MA Degree Programs)


 Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University, Indonesia

Department of Communicology


 Philological School of Higher Education, Wroclaw, Poland

Department of Linguistic Semiotics and Communicology


 University of Banja Luka, Bosinia and Herzegovina

Department of Communicology, Faculty of Communicology


 University of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Department of Communicology


 University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Department of Communicology, Faculty of Communicology


 University of Split, Croatia

Department of Communicology


 University of Zadar, Croatia

Department of Informatics and Communicology


 University of Zagreb, Croatia

Department of Communicology

 University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Department of Communicology


 University of Belgrade, Serbia

Department of Communicology and Journalism


 Victoria Infirmary NHS Trust, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Department of Communicology and Voice



Universities with Communicology Courses and Curricula

 Codex:  u = undergraduate course;  g = graduate course


 Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México 

♦ Seminario de Comunicolgia Posible  (g)

♦ Especialidad on Comunicolgia Histórica  (g)

► Complete Curriculum at:


 Adelaide University, Australia

School of Medicine

♦  Communicology (g)


 University of Electronic Science and Technology (UESTC), Chengdu, P. R. China

Master's Degree Program:

♦ Communicology (g)


 Millersville University, Pennsylvania, USA

Department of Communication

♦  Introduction to Communicology (u)


 California State University, East Bay, USA

Department of Communication

♦  Introduction to Communicology (u)


 Teachers College, Columbia University, USA

Department of Biobehavioral Studies

♦ Geriatric Communicology (g)


 Southern Illinois University, USA

Department of Speech Communication, Ph.D. Specialization in  "Philosophy of Communication"

♦  Communicology as a Human Science (g)

♦  General Semantics  (u and g)

♦  Laboratory in Interpersonal Communication I  (u and g)

♦  Laboratory in Interpersonal Communication II  (u and g)

♦  Philosophy of Communication (u and g)

♦  Philosophy of Human Communication  (g)

♦  Seminar: Empirical Phenomenological Communication Research  (g)

♦  Seminar: Semiotic Phenomenology and Critical-Cultural Research (g)

♦  Sociology of Language, Discourse, and Signs (u and g)

♦  Seminar: Language, Culture, and Semiology (g)

♦  Seminar: Semiology and Semiotic Communication (g)

♦  Phenomenology Seminar I: French Communicology (g)

♦  Phenomenology Seminar II: German Communicology (g)


 Southeastern Louisiana University, USA

Department of Communication

♦  Communicology (u)


 Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia

Faculty of Law

♦  Communicology (g)


 Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Faculty of Humanities, Institute of Ph.D. Study Programmes

♦ Doctoral Program in Semiotics and Philosophy of Communicatoion