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International Communicology Institute


 All Announcements should be sent to the Director:




 Collegium  Scholasticum  Laureatum

The designation "Scholasticum  Laureatum" is awarded by Collegium election to those Fellows who have made a Career Contribution to the research, teaching, and publication program of the Discipline of Communicology.


The ICI Collegium Magisterium Announces the Election of Laureate Fellows:



1. Professor  CALVIN  SCHRAG  (USA)



2. Professor  ALGIS  MICKUNAS  (USA)

3. Professor  RONALD C. ARNETTE  (USA)

4. Professor  PAT  ARNESON  (USA)

5. Professor  RICHARD L. LANIGAN  (USA)






2020    (Announcement  Pending)

8. Professor

9. Professor

10. Professor


  The ICI Collegium of Fellows announces the Election of Fellows:



►  Professor  ANTHONY  WILDEN   (CANADA)





►  Professor  PAWEL  KOJS  (POLAND)


 New Resaerch Initiative:  POZNAŃ, POLAND





The ICI Colloquium is a single event conference organized to explicate a designated topic of research and teaching interest related to Communicology as a human science.  

The Colloquium is usually a one or two day roundtable meeting hosted by an ICI Fellow(s) at a university or research center. Colloquia are organized on an occasional basis with no fixed schedule per year. Because attendance is typically limited to ten (10) or fewer presentations, participation is strictly by invitation only from the colloquium organizer. 

Colloquia are intended to stimulate a research initiative which will, in time, result in the presentation of a topical panel of papers at an academic conference, in a special issue of a journal, or as an edited book collection of essays. The sequence of Colloquia is designated by number, year,  theme, department, institution, and country, e.g., “First ICI Colloquium, 2014, The Cultural Matrix of Communicology, Department of Communication Studies, Eastern Washington University (USA)”. 

Suggestions for colloquia are proposed to, and approved by, the ICI Director on behalf of the Collegium of Fellows. 


 New USA University Department of COMMUNICOLOGY


Fall Semester 2011, the 

Department of Communicology at the UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII

(Manoa campus in Honolulu, USA) became the first  degree granting (BA, MA) university in the USA to reflect the contemporary Communicology name designation of the discipline.   Caveat: The graduate research approach in the department is strictly limited to statistical methodology (quantitative) and does not embrace the traditional logic based methods (qualitative) of phenomenology and semiotics. Undergraduate approach is the traditional General Speech blend of arts and sciences, theoretical and applied skills.





†  JEFF BERNARD   (12 September 1943  —  24 February 2010)

► Named Fellow in 2005

     In  Memoriam   

 ICI Bureau Regional - Continental Coordinator: Europe 
 Director, Institute for Socio-Semiotic Studies (ISSS), Vienna (Wien)

 Secretary General, Austrian Association for Semiotics
 Administrative Vice President (Secretary General), International Association for Semiotic Studies 
 President, Austrian Association for Semiotics (OeGS-AAS) 
 Editor, European Journal of Semiotic Studies 

 Co-Editor, Semiotische Berichte  



 †  UMBERTO  ECO  (5 January 1932  —  19 February 2016)

► Named Fellow in 2007

   In  Memoriam

  Professor of Semiotics, Milan Polytechnic (1966)

  Associate Professor of Visual Communication, University of Firenze (1966-1969)

  Professor of Semiotics, University of Bologna (1975-2007)

  Director, First World Congress of IASS / AIS, "A Semiotic Landscape", Milan, Italy (2-6 June 1974)

  Vice-President of IASS / AIS (1979-1983); Now Honorary President

  Director, Institute for Communication, University of Bologna (1983-1988)

  Professor Étranger, Collège de France, Paris (1992-1993)   [European Union Chair]

  Professor Étranger, École Normale Supérieure, Paris (1996)



 †  CLARISSE  ZIMRA  (4 January 1944 — 7 September 2016)

► Named Fellow in 2005

     In  Memoriam 

 Profesor of English, French, and Comparative Literature, Southern Illinois University (USA)

Specialist in African and Algerian Colonial Literature

Taft Fellow in the Humanities, University of Cincinnati (USA)



†  LESTER E. EMBREE   (9 January 1938 — 19 January 2017)

► Named Fellow in 2008

   In Memoriam

Teaching Assistant to Aron Gurwitsch at New School (1968-1969)

Assistant Professor,  Philosophy, Northern Illinois University (1969-1974)

Associate Professor, Philosophy, Duquesne University (1974-1979)

Professor, Philosophy, Duquesne University  (1979-1990)

William F. Dietrich Eminent Scholar, Philosophy, Florida Atlantic University  (1990-2013)



 †  ROLAND  POSNER   (30 June 1942 — 26 May 2020)

► Named Fellow in 2005

   In  Memoriam

Jeff Bernard (Left) in debate with Roland Posner (Right)


Professor of Linguistics and Semiotics, Technical University of Berlin (DE)

Director, Institute for Linguistics and Semiotics

Founding Chairperson, German Society for Semiotics (1975)

President, International Association for Semiotic Studies (1994-2008)